Christian Marriage Coaching

We help couples create fulfilling relationships with Christian marriage coaching.

Resolve Conflict

Restore Love

Renew Passion

Are You Worried About Your Marriage?

  • Are you struggling to effectively communicate?

  • Do you feel like your partner doesn't get you?

  • Are finances increasing your stress level?

  • Have your kids altered your marriage?

  • Would you like to increase intimacy?

  • Are you experiencing sexual problems?

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Creating fulfilling relationships takes hard work. Emotions will hit you and you either want to scream or run away!

It's hard to be vulnerable with your partner, and then trust that you both have the right guidance to reach a resolution. 

Your marriage is too important to give up on or risk taking the wrong advice. You should seek counsel from those who have healthy and long-lasting marriages.

We help you revive your relationship and enjoy the fulfillment of God’s design for marriage!

Our Christian Marriage Coaching Works For:

Engaged Couples


Married Couples

Donald Holmes, Founder

I have been married to my lovely wife for 16 years. I am a Licensed Lay Pastor and have conducted premarital counseling, marriage counseling and marriage ceremonies for over 10 years.

I have coached and hosted marriage seminars and small groups for over 200 couples. I also hold these following certifications:

  • Prepare and Enrich Relationship Enrichment Certification,

  • Flight Assessment DISC Certification,

  • Innermetrix Analyst Certification and

  • Light University Life Coaching Certification.

Stop constantly arguing. Start building the relationship you desire.

Build Trust

Bond Together

Become Happier

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Want More Advice?

Are You Ready to Revive Your Relationship?

You don't have to feel disconnected and helpless anymore.

Create the marriage God wants for you with the guidance you need. Enjoy the fulfillment of God’s design for marriage!

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